Educators of the future - Relationship work as an everyday educational task

This is an Erasmus + KA2 Strategic partnerships in vocational and adult education.

The Project

The importance of relationships with and to other people is increasingly being scientifically proven for our happiness, well-being and a functioning community. The importance of positive relationships for successful learning processes is becoming increasingly apparent in the field of education as well. However there are no specific approaches to how relationship work can be established in the work between teachers and learners in this field. Based on the psychological context, processes, methods and approaches are known in order to shape successful relationships or to restore disturbed relationships. But to what extent these insights can be integrated into the concrete educational work is left to the individual teacher. In addition, "relationship work" is always perceived as deficient and usually begins when the conflict has occurred. Relationship work, however, is seen by the project partners as an omnipresent positive and, last but not least, preventive competence that should be applied in everyday life. The project will thus help the "educators of the future" to discover and unfold their relationship skills and bring them profitably into the everyday life of the educational context. In the course of the project different phases will be passed through, in which several intellectual outputs will be created and multiplier events will be carried out. The project partners use a spectrum of methods ranging from research activities to self-directed and collaborative learning and creative and design elements.

Expected Results

  • a study

  • a curriculum for effective relationship work in the field of education, which explains the most important basics and interrelationships and contains decidedly practical modules for different educational contexts

  • a relationship KIT, with the help of which actors can approach the topic in a playful way. In this sense, the Relationship KIT serves as a low-threshold access and enables "offline" group work at this level. 

  • Within the scope of the multiplier events, an international expert conference will be held in order to give decisive multipliers in the EU area an understanding of the topic "Relationship work in the educational context" and the educational materials produced. The symposium is designed in such a way that it can be held as an annual event.